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Chasewater Country Park, Brownhills West Station, Pool Lane (Off the A5), Burntwood, Staffs, WS8 7NL
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Don’t forget, won’t be long now. Fun for all the family, get those unique [..]

Halloween returns to Chasewater Railway….. Take a unearthly stroll through our haunted engine shed, [..]


Don’t forget, won’t be long now. Fun for all the family, get those unique [..]

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News : Breaking News – New special arrivals

Chasewater Railway is proud to announce the arrival of the first half of our HAA wagon fleet. We would like to thank Andrew Goodman from Moveright for his invaluable help in securing the first three vehicles in the rake. These wagons will help us tell the final part of the story of the movement of coal from the Staffordshire coal fields, along with our rake of 16 tonners. Our carpenters are also busy refurbishing the first of the wooden four plank local Coal wagons that will form the initial part of the story. The first public running of our new wagons will be on Coal train day 21st June. Come along and see the currently biggest rake of HAA wagons in preservation. The wagons were part of the Merry Go Round (MGR) concept for further details please see this article

Our wagons are:-
351111 HHA 32T Shildon 1966 Lot No 3528
352203 HHA 32T Shidon 1967 Lot No 3574
368103 HDA 47T Shildon CLL 1966 Lot No 006

Photographs are by Bob Anderson & Mark Sealey.

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